Thursday, September 8, 2011

Postgraduate Seminar: An Empirical Study of Business Intelligence adoption among Malaysia Organizations

You are cordially invited to attend the following proposal defense:

Speaker: Ong In Lih
Date: 13 September 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 11:00am-11:45am
Venue: 5A meeting room, 5th floor, SA block, UTAR Setapak Campus, Kuala Lumpur.
Title: An Empirical Study of Business Intelligence adoption among Malaysia Organizations
In recent years, business intelligence (BI) has emerged as one of the top technology priorities for many worldwide organizations. BI acts as a source of competitive advantage to support key business processes that could affect an organization’s bottom line. Despite of the apparent significance of BI, many organizations still have not successfully gained full benefits from their BI investment. The contributing reasons are the lack of higher level analytics and intelligent functions, insufficient business involvement, absence of skilled staff, and poor data quality. Apparently, an organization needs to be in a higher level of maturity to reap full benefits of BI. However, for organizations to be able to evolve to a higher maturity level, it will require them to identify their position in the BI journey and know how to attain to the next level. To address these two issues, this research intends to develop a maturity model containing dimensions that are critical to the implementation of BI. For each dimension, it will spell out criteria to move from the lowest level of maturity all the way to the highest level of maturity. Having this maturity model as guidance to assess existing BI capabilities, organizations are assured that they can effectively devise a systematic plan to achieve higher BI maturity level. In this research, data will be collected using a mixed method of structured survey questionnaire and follow-up interviews. Based on the extensive literature review, an initial version of survey instrument will be developed using questionnaire and pilot-tested on five selected Malaysian organizations across a wide variety of industries. Then, the preliminary BI maturity model will be produced and further validated. The sample of actual survey is estimated to have at least 30 participants. It is believed that the results of the research will provide useful guidelines to move forward to expand the business value of the BI implementation. As such, BI stakeholders will be in a better position to discover existing problems and optimize their scarce resources by focusing on critical dimensions that have a greater impact on BI implementation.
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