Thursday, October 31, 2013

Entrepreneurial Talk Series: Tan Sri Azman Hashim

Department of Consultancy & Commercialisation (DCC) is pleased to invite everyone to attend the "Entrepreneurial Talk Series" by Y. Bhg Tan Sri Azman Hashim.

Details of the talk are as follows:

Date : 12 November 2013 (Tuesday)
Venue : Heritage Hall (A001), UTAR Perak Campus, Kampar.
Time : 10.30am to 1pm
Speaker : Y. Bhg Tan Sri Azman Hashim, Chairman, AmBank Group of Companies.
Admission: Free

Speaker's Biography
Bhg Tan Sri Azman Hashim, aged 74, is a banker, entrepreneur and a major shareholder of the AmBank Group.
Born in Kuala Lumpur, he grew up in a family of 13 siblings and learnt to compete and excel in an early age. At 16, he left for Australia on a Colombo Plan scholarship to study Chartered Accountancy. At 21, he became a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Secretary.
Upon his return in 1960, he joined Bank Negara Malaysia as an Accountant and served until 1964. In the same year, he set up his own Accounting firm (Azman & Co) which later became a partnership of Azman, Salleh & Co and practiced until 1971, when he joined Maybank as an Executive Director (he was already a Board Member since 1966). In 1980, he was appointed Executive Chairman of Kwong Yik Bank Berhad (now RHB Bank) until 1982, when he became Chairman of AmBank Group when he acquired 100% of its equity.
After playing an instrumental part for 31 years in the AmBank Group, it is now ranked the 5th largest financial services group in the country and has grown into what is today due to Tan Sri Azman’s vision, penchant for innovation, desire to be a builder and with a passion to succeed.
Besides his extensive involvement in public and social roles, Tan Sri Azman is also the Pro-Chancellor of Open University Malaysia since 2005 and a Member of the International Advisory Panel, Bank Negara Malaysia, International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF). He is also Chairman of Malaysia Productivity Corporation, Malaysian Investment Banking Association, Perdana Leadership Foundation, Institute of Bankers Malaysia and President, Malaysia South-South Association, Malaysia-Japan Economic Association and Friends of Prison Association. He is also a Member of the APEC Business Advisory Council, the Asian Institute of Finance and recently, Asian Banking School Sdn Bhd.

Admission is Free (UTAR students qualify for USSDC points)

For information and registration, please contact Vincent/Ronnie/Ching of DCC. Tel: 03-79582628, extension 8255 (Ronnie) or 7127 (Vincent/Ching). Further enquiries please mail to

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CCIS Talk: Technopreneur - Think out of the box by Shaniur Nabi, C7 Solution

Dear all,

You are cordially invited to the following talk, organized by UTAR CCIS:

Date: 7 November 2013 (Thursday)
Time: 12:00PM – 2:00PM
Venue: DK2A, UTAR KL Campus, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
Title: Technopreneur - Think out of the box
Speaker: Shaniur T I M Nabi, C7 Solution
Admission: FREE; registration at


Being a Technopreneur does not necessarily mean to become the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg! The business idea does not have to be revolutionary or ground breaking. Simple ideas, existing ideas, solving a known problem slightly differently can generate a good business.
Being a Technopreneur is not about being a millionaire overnight, but to be different, being at the helm of technology, being a trend setter no matter how small the scope of technology is. Prerequisites are being tech savvy, creative, innovative, dynamic, dares to be different and take the unexplored path and extremely passionate in their work. Given the prerequisites are met, even with a limited capital a successful ICT based business can flourish.


Shaniur T I M Nabi, CEO, C7 Solution
A dynamic engineer and entrepreneur with technical expertise in software development, telecommunication network management, security, optimisation and system integration. Experienced in planning, deploying and maintaining a nationwide PSTN network in Bangladesh. The network is a hybrid of traditional TDM network, soft switch, CDMA, Centrex and FTTH with a skilled workforce of 391 engineers, technicians and professionals.
Also experienced in managing a software development team with multiple projects in ERP, CRM, map digitisation, soft switch, call centre solution, billing solution and web application development. He has a double degree from RMIT University, Australia on Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science) and Bachelor of Engineering (Communication) with honours.
Since 2012 he has relocated to KL, Malaysia and leading a new start-up business Connect Seven Solution Sdn Bhd as the CEO. This company provides niche technology solutions to enterprises and telecom operators.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

CCIS Talk: Entrepreneurship - Why, How, What, When by Srikanth Ramachandran, MKN At-life

Dear all,

You are cordially invited to the following talk, organized by UTAR CCIS:

Date: 31 October 2013 (Thursday)
Time: 12:00PM – 2:00PM
Venue: DK2A, UTAR KL Campus, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
Title: Entrepreneurship - Why, How, What, When
Speaker: Srikanth Ramachandran, MKN At-life
Admission: FREE; registration at


Wikipedia defines Entrepreneurship as the quality of being an entrepreneur, i.e. one who "undertakes an enterprise". The term puts emphasis on the risk and effort of individuals who own and manage a business, and on the innovations that result from their pursuit of economic success.
Based on a naïve assumption that the attendees plan to become entrepreneurs, the session uses a simple framework to share the speaker's personal experiences and assist the attendees to build their own roadmap to entrepreneurship. The speaker believes in the old Chinese proverb - "I Hear, I Forget", "I See, I Remember", "I Do, I Understand" and will guide the attendees during the session to "Do" their own roadmap.


Srikanth Ramachandran, MKN At-Life
Srikanth has an engineering degree from India and a MBA from NTU Singapore. He spent nearly a decade at IBM Singapore and Japan building the e-business solution business (Singapore), BI/CRM (Asean/SA) and Digital Library business (Asia Pacific).
His entrepreneur journey started in 2000 with Knowledge Dynamics, where Srikanth architected industry vertical analytical solutions (iDecisions). The company was acquired by a NYSE listed company in 2005.
Srikanth is currently involved in multiple companies in the Telecom/ Media/ Technology space - Moving Walls, Outernet Solutions, PhiMetrics and Sriveda Emsys
As an industry expert, he has spoken in and chaired many conferences. He has also managed Singapore chapter for IandI, a non-profit association for entrepreneurs
Mr. Srikanth has lived and worked in India, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CCIS New Member: Dr. Yogeswaran Mohan

Dear colleagues,

Let's welcome Dr Yogeswaran Mohan to CCIS. Below are short biography of Dr Yogeswaran. Feel free to contact Dr Yogeswaran for further collaboration opportunities.

Yogeswaran Mohan received his PhD and Degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Monash University and is currently teaching Artificial Intelligence at UTAR. He is highly self motivated and goal-oriented professional committed to pursuing a long-term career in lecturing and research. His professional interests focus on swarm robotics and optimization.

In addition, he serves as committee for various conferences held by IEEE RAS chapter.

Research interest
To solve problems in assignment of machines to operations and the scheduling of operations on the assigned machines in Flexible Job shop Scheduling Problem with multi-objectives using heuristics or meta-heuristics. Various swarm intelligence algorithms (such as particle swarm optimization (PSO), simulated annealing technique (SA)) are hybridized to solve the Job Shop Scheduling Problems. To optimize assembly line balancing problems using artificial intelligence algorithms and heuristics. To compare and contrast various algorithms used to solve the above mentioned problem domains with the developed algorithms.

To implement developed learning algorithms on various problems domains such as cart pole problem, soccer, mountain car problem and game theories such as Backgammon, Blackjack and Chess. To built a commercial mobile robot for research purposes. The mobile robot will consist of several common modules such as gripper module, camera module and communication turret. Further development to solve mobile robot problem domains such as mapping, localization, object detection using stereo vision, odometry issues, on-board database, self-charging capabilities and on-board neural network platform. The mobile robot will be built in a platform that supports major programming languages namely C/C++ language, Visual Basic, JAVA, MATLAB and LabView.

Monday, October 14, 2013

CCIS Talk: Lulu's Journey to the West by Lu Chen Pin, OrigineIT

Dear all,
You are cordially invited to the following talk, organized by UTAR CCIS:

Date: 28 October 2013 (Monday)
Time: 9:00AM – 11:00 AM
Venue: DK2A, UTAR KL Campus, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
Title: Lulu's Journey to the West
Speaker: Lu Chen Pin, CEO/Founder, OrigineIT Sdn. Bhd.
Admission: FREE; registration at


Journey to the West is one of the 4 great classical novels of Chinese literature.  The story is about the journey of a Buddhist monk travelled to the western region (India) to obtain Buddhist Sutras, with the companion of a monkey,  a pig, a monk, and a white horse. Life is a journey. Entrepreneurship is a journey. You can choose where you want to be, and the journey is the one that make your life different. Lulu has chosen to start his own business. Hearing from a screwed-up entrepreneur and his journey to the 'west', and learn about screwing up own life by running a business, and how to enjoy the screwed up moment from time to time, to brighten your day.


Lu Chen Pin, Origine IT
Chen Pin founded Origine IT in 2005,  a software company that focus on software support & development, specifically in telecommunication industry. This year, daringly re-align company direction towards social enterprise model, with the mission to use technology to improve life, and make the world a happier place to live..

Friday, October 11, 2013

Entrepreneurial Talk Series: Chan Kee Siak, ExaBytes Network

Department of Consultancy & Commercialisation (DCC) is pleased to invite all UTAR staff and students to attend the "Entrepreneurial Talk Series" by Mr Chan Kee Siak, Founder & CEO of Exabyte Network.

Details of the talk are as follows:

Date : 23 October 2013 (Wednesday)
Venue : Auditorium A003, UTAR Perak Campus, Kampar.
Time : 2pm to 4pm
Speaker : Mr Chan Kee Siak, Founder  & CEO of Exabyte Network.
Admission: Free

Mr Chan founded Exabytes Network or earlier known as in 2001. He had always had an entrepreneurial frame of mind from as early as the tender age of nineteen. While most teenagers his age spent their young adulthood playing War Craft, Quake 3 Arena or other computer games, he was already busy establishing his own business in the technology industry - selling PCs and cracking his head for more web designing ideas, while trying to keep up with his studies.

A successful business in his mind was a business that could serve multiple clients at any given time, globally, with high margins and recurring income - all of which he was not getting from his initial business. Naturally, webhosting came to mind which he noticed, fit all of the criteria he was looking for. The business became even more appealing once he studied more in-depth about webhosting industry and got himself awestruck at the power of web and the possibilities that could arise from it. He started up by reselling for other web hosting company and today Exabytes Network is the largest web hosting company in Malaysia with its own servers and 60,000+ clients from over 121 countries.

Mr Chan was the winner of JCI CYEA (Creative Young Entrepreneur Award) in 2007. He was also the Top 30 Finalist of TOYM (Ten Outstanding Young Malaysia 2011) and Winner of Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur Award in 2011. In 2012, he won the Prestige Top 40 under 40 award.

Admission is Free (UTAR students qualify for USSDC points)

For information and registration, please contact Vincent/Ronnie/Ching of DCC. Tel: 03-79582628, extension 8255 (Ronnie) or 7127 (Vincent/Ching). Further enquiries please mail to

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CCIS New Member: Dr Lee Chien Sing

Dear colleagues,

Let's welcome Dr Lee Chien Sing to CCIS. Below are short biography of Dr Lee. Feel free to contact Dr Lee for further collaboration opportunities.

Chien-Sing Lee’s research spans across instructional design, computer-supported collaborative learning, game-based learning, mobile learning, data mining and intelligent agents.

She has experimented with the use of service-oriented architectures to deliver personalized instruction and the use of knowledge management to not only organize knowledge but also to derive best practices from prior knowledge so that these best practices can be easily adapted to similar scenarios.

Another area of interest is interoperability through the Semantic Web due to her concern that best practices should be shared, adopted and adapted locally and globally to improve teaching and learning practices in half the time half the cost but with the highest effectiveness and efficiency.

Her latest experiments deal with scaffolding creativity through technology in learning environments.

CCIS New Member: Dr Chong Poh Kit

Dear colleagues,

Let's welcome Dr Chong Poh Kit to CCIS. Below are short biography of Dr Chong. Feel free to contact Dr Chong for further collaboration opportunities.

Dr Chong Poh Kit Chong Poh Kit was born in Malaysia in 1979. He received the B.Eng. degree in electronics from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, in 2001, the M.Eng.Sc. degree from Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya, Malaysia, in 2003, and the Ph.D. degree in information and communications engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,Daejeon, Korea, in 2010.

He was a Research Scholar with MMU from 2001 to 2003 and a Network Software Engineer with Intel from 2003 to 2005 before embarking on his Ph.D. studies. He has also worked at Motorola and MIMOS as a senior staff engineer.

His current research interests include computing systems, and wireless and wired communications protocols.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Research Assistant Wanted

Research Assistant (RA) Wanted

Number of Vacancies: 2
Available at 
Faculty of Engineering and Science,
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) KL Campus,
Jalan Genting Klang, 53300 Kuala Lumpur

Project Title

Design and Development of 3D Urban Traffic Monitoring and Control System.

Project Leader

Dr. Tay Yong Haur (,
Department of Internet Engineering and Computer Science,
Faculty of Engineering and Science (FES), UTAR KL Campus.


To develop a 3D software system that is used for urban traffic monitoring and control.

Scope of Work

  • To evaluate the 3D modeling framework
  • To evaluate the 3D navigation devices, e.g. Leap Motion.
  • To develop software on top of the 3D modeling framework;
  • To work closely with research engineers from the industry.

Job Description

  • Remuneration of RM1500-2500 per month for 12 to 18 months, depending on experience.
  • The RA must help the project leader in all works associated with the research.
  • The RA must work closely with the sponsored industry partner to complete the research project.
  • The RA may register for Master Degree by research program (M. EngSc) with UTAR.


  • Passionate in computer programming, especially in C++
  • Strong interest and/or has working experience in 3D modeling project / GPU
  • Good English written and verbal communication
  • Good analytical skills
  • Self-motivated, requires minimal supervision, resourceful and willing to learn.
  • Available to start working preferably on 1 November 2013.

Interested Candidate

If you are interested in the RA position advertised above, please email your CV directly to Dr. Tay Yong Haur ( as soon as possible. Feel free to write to Dr Tay for any further inquiry of the project.

Only short-listed candidates will be called for interview.
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