Friday, October 26, 2012

CCIS Talk: Exploring the Path of Mobile Technology by Francis Pang

You are cordially invited to attend the following talk:

Title: Exploring the Path of Mobile Technology
Speaker: Francis Pang, CTO, Convep Mobilogy
Date: 1 November 2012
Time: 12pm - 1pm
Venue: SE105, Faculty of Engineering and Science, UTAR KL Campus, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.
Admission: Free


In this talk, Francis, an alumnus of UTAR, will share his journey of his career after his graduation, which lead him co-found his own technology company, Convep Mobilogy Sdn. Bhd, and how one should learn and start exploring mobile development as well as the current emerging trend of mobile technology.

Biography of Speaker:

Francis is the co-founder of Convep Mobilogy Sdn Bhd, a company with vision to bring Convenience to People thru Mobile Technology. Mobilogy which is derived from Mobile Technology was first formed by the founders as during that time mobile technology was still an upcoming technology that not many have ventured into. Foreseeing the trend, the founders of Convep Mobilogy started the company and focused on mobile technology by bringing to the market smartphone applications such as MyDistress, MyMall, AppsAsia and many more apps that brings convenience to users on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and not forgetting the older java enable phones. Most recently, Convep Mobilogy Sdn Bhd was awarded merit winner at the Apicta 2012 ICT Awards.

In creating Convep Mobilogy, Francis draws his experience from multiple mobile companies such as UNOS Enterprise which also won the Best of Prime Minister Award and Best of E-Communication Apicta award on Apicta 2008 ICT awards. UNOS Enterprise focus was on bringing mobile banking, mobile coupon, and VOIP to users via mobile devices such as blackberry and symbian phones. Products that Francis was involved included AmGenie, a mobile banking solution for AMBANK and UNOS Pro which provides live traffic reports, coupon, GSC booking, VOIP and many more.

Going further back, at Chilliwire Technologies Sdn Bhd, Francis was the co-founder of the company and founder of MobiGo framework as a small footprint framework which increases the effectiveness of the J2ME developments and reduces up to 50% development time and effort required of a normal J2ME development project. His aim was to develop the world's first enterprise scale mobile development framework that would be adopted as the standard approach by all mobile developers. Other achievement in the company include mobile face recognition which allow nano technology company Nanoident, to implement face recognition algorithm in mobile devices, medical mobile scanner which allow user to collect information from water and blood sample to diagnose the water or blood content to check for sickness.

Prior to Chilliwire Technologies Sdn Bhd, Francis was the Senior R&D Consultant of Mobiepay Sdn Bhd, a research & development arm of E-Pay Asia, a leading provider of electronic top up services for prepaid mobile users in South East Asia whose dual listed on Australian Stock Exchange and the AIM segment of the London Stock Exchange. At Mobiepay, he is in charge of software development for mobility. During his tenure with Mobiepay, Francis researched on various technologies and platforms such as cryptography, midlet certificates and mobile framework which was used as the mobile front end system for MobiCharge platform, the widely acclaimed successful airtime reload management platform used by tens of thousands of retailers in several countries, transacting more than 300,00 transactions per month and still growing.

Before joining Mobiepay, Francis served as Senior Mobile Engineer for Ozura Sdn Bhd, an international developer and publisher for mobile games and wireless entertainment which is a subsidiary of NextNation Communication Bhd. During his tenure with Ozura, Francis led a team of 8 mobile developers focusing in developing mobile games and mobile application, at the same time assuming the role of a Project Manager and he manages various projects for telecommunication companies such as Maxis Bhd and Celcom Bhd. Francis was in charge of initiating the research on a new algorithm to improve mobile development effectiveness for all the mobile developers in the company, as well as holding critical roles such as the Project Manager for multiple projects in the company. He often represents the company attending various mobile technology conference and events such as the Asia Game Developer Summit,. He is also the representative for the company in attending various games launching ceremonies and telecommunication quality assurance meetings.

In the early days, Francis represented his university to participate in the Microsoft Imagining Cup competition in year 2004, where he worked on a project call "EzCash" which allow easy cash transfers between users of mobile phone amongst each other through web services. He is also a member of MENSA Group International, an intellectual exchange forum for privileged members.

Francis was an active member back in his university days where he held various positions such as Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for various clubs and societies where he completed his Degree in Computer Science from University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Talk: New Paradigm of Micro and Nano Mechatronics by Toshio Fukuda

You are cordially invited to the following talk:

Venue: DK 3, FES, UTAR KL campus, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.
Date: 29 October, 2012 (Monday)
Time: 11 am
Speaker:  Prof.Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University, Japan
Title: New Paradigm of Micro and Nano Mechatronics
Mechatronics is the Synergetic Integration of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics with computing power. There are so many commercial products from the Mechatronics Industry in our daily life.
Now mechatronics went to the micro and nano-scale and has been required more accuracy and precision. Micro sensor and actuator have been well established and available in many commodities.
Furthermore, we can study biological cells from the view point of the micro-and nano mechatronics and analyze/assemble in future cells. This will be another discipline of the new micro and nano mechatronics.

Toshio Fukuda received the B.A. degree from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, in 1971, and the M.S and Dr. Eng. from the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, in 1973 and 1977, respectively. In 1977, he joined the National Mechanical Engineering Laboratory. In 1982, he joined the Science University of Tokyo, Japan, and then joined Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan, in 1989. Currently, he is Director of Center for Micro-Nano Mechatronics and Professor of Department of Micro-Nano Systems Engineering at Nagoya University, where he is mainly involved in the research fields of intelligent robotic and mechatronic system, cellular robotic system, and micro- and nano-robotic system. He is Distinguished Professor, Seoul National University since 2009.
Dr. Fukuda is IEEE Region 10 Director-Elect (2011-2012) and served President of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (1998-1999), Director of the IEEE Division X, Systems and Control (2001-2002), and Editor-in-Chief of IEEE / ASME Transactions on Mechatronics (2000-2002). He was President of IEEE Nanotechnology Council (2002-2003, 2005) and President of SOFT (Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics) (2003-2005). He was elected as a member of Science Council of Japan (2008-).
He received the IEEE Eugene Mittelmann Award (1997), IEEE Millennium Medal (2000), IEEE Robotics and Automation Pioneer Award (2004), IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Distinguished Service Award (2005), Award from Ministry of Education and Science in Japan (2005). IEEE Nanotechnology Council Distinguished service award (2007). Best Googol Application paper awards from IEEE Trans. Automation Science and Engineering (2007). Best papers awards from RSJ (2004) and SICE (2007), Special Funai Award from JSME (2008), 2009 George Saridis Leadership Award in Robotics and Automation (2009), IEEE Robotics and Automation Technical Field Award (2010), ROBOMECH Award 2010 (2010), The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers Technical Field Award (2010), Distinguished Service Award, The Robotics Society of Japan (2010), World Automation Congress 2010 (WAC 2010) dedicated to Prof. Toshio Fukuda, Best Paper Award in 2010 International Symposium on Micro-Nano Mechatronics and Human Science (MHS2010), IEEE Fellow (1995), SICE Fellow (1995), JSME Fellow (2001), RSJ Fellow (2004), Honorary Doctor of Aalto University School of Science and Technology (2010).

Contact Person: Dr. Leong Wai Yie (Department of Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

CCIS New Member: Dr. Soh Chit Siang

Dear colleagues,

Let's welcome our new member, Dr. Soh Chit Siang.

Soh Chit Siang is currently an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology, UTAR where he has been serving since April 2009. He received his PhD from Universiti Malaya in 2009 in the area of signal processing for non-invasive biomedical analysis. Prior to that, he obtained his MEngSc in 2004 and BEng(Electrical) in 2002 from Universiti Malaya.

His current research works focus on applying signal processing and pattern recognition methods in two areas namely, non-intrusive appliance load monitoring and surveillance video analytics. He has supervised and co-supervised final year projects and Master students in the area of video analytics on embedded system for video surveillance system. He also supervises a PhD student in non-intrusive appliance load monitoring for smart metering.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

CCIS Talk: HTML5 is more than the Mark-up Language by Junichi Kishigami

Dear All,

Prof. Jay will deliver a talk on HTML5 technology titled: "HTML5 is more than the Mark-up Language" on the following date/time/venue:

Date: 29 Oct 2012
Time: 1pm - 2pm
Venue: SE106, DK3,  FES, UTAR KL campus, Kuala Lumpur.
Speaker: Prof Junichi Kishigami
Title: HTML5 is more than the Mark-up Language
HTML5 has a lot of the functions and attractive APIs to realize almost any program on it like the OS, such as IOS, Android, or windows. This talk will show you some of the features using HTML5  presentation software. By leaning the HTML5 from the new fundamental tag to multimedia framework,  you can understand the high potential and easiness.
Dr. Junichi (Jay) Kishigami obtained the degree of Bachelor and Master in Physics at the Hokkaido University in Japan 1980 and obtained his Doctor degree in electronic engineering at the Hokkaido University 1989.

He has unique and wide-ranged experiences in NTT from the solid state physics of the magnetic thin film to the multimedia services.

From 1994 to 1999 he worked with NTT America as a vice president and general manager at IP HQs in the area of creating and promoting the Internet business both in US and in Japan. He coordinated ISP and Backbone between US and Japan. The ISP, called "Netdepon" was the first ISP for NTT overseas, and undersea cable between US and Japan was also the first cable for NTT.

Before June, 1994, he had been researching magnetic disk storage design. Upon graduation in 1980, he joined NTT as researcher, where he studies the solid state physics of thin film head, a key technology in the development of high capacity magnetic storage devices. In 1989, he was responsible for the design and development of an electronic filing system for Video-on-Demand.

With the years his center of activities changed from the fundamental study to business-oriented development. After back to Japan in 1999, he had led two main projects of RFID and Broadband related activities. He had been creating and promoting the concept of "metadata" for the RFID and broadband services. He was Secretary General at cIDf (Content ID Forum), which was founded by him and Professor Yasuda, University of Tokyo.  He had been a member of GBDe (Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce) as Sherpa who directly supports board member of NTT. In 2007, he was assigned as Executive Director of Cyber Solution Laboratory, Vice President, NTT holding company. He was also MOT Visiting Professor at Rikkyo University. He had been invited a lot of seminar and society. He was one of the columnists at Nikkei IT Forum.

His most influenced area recently is IPTV development. His activities on IPTV were not only internal but external, such as standardization, government committee and lots of collaboration with CE manufacturer and broadcaster. After he had been leading the IPTV service and technology development, he was directing the RFID, human-interface, data mining and web technologies as an executive director at the NTT Labs. E-commerce marketing based on data mining technology, personalized remote-controller with self-learning function of the owner's behavior, and HTML 5 based web technology were the examples of his idea and developed area.

He has been a number of chair and member at Government committee which includes RFID regulation, IPR issue, Broadband Content Distribution, Web Archive project, and IPTV.

He is a member of IEICE Japan and IPSJ Japan, and Distinguished Speaker of IEEE, committee at ARIB, INSTAC and TV Anytime Forum. He got the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication Award in 2011.

He has also a lot of academic experiences as a part-time professor at Hokkaido University, Muroran Institute of Technology and Kochi University of Technology. At the Rikkyo University, He had been teaching at its business school. He has been a Professor at University of Tokyo for five years. He joined UTAR in 2012 as a professor at the faculty of engineering and science. He has published more than 100 papers and presentations, and 80 patents.

Entrepreneurial Talk Series by Mr Richard Eu, Group CEO of Eu Yan Sang International Ltd

Department of Consultancy & Commercialisation (DCC) is pleased to invite all UTAR staff and students to the "Entrepreneurial Talk Series" by Mr Richard Eu, Group CEO of Eu Yan Sang International Ltd.

Details of the talk are as follows:

Date: 8 November 2012 (Thursday)
Venue: Heritage Hall, A001, UTAR Perak Campus, Kampar, Perak.
Time: 2pm to 4pm

Admission is Free (UTAR Soft Skills Points is claimable subject to Terms and Condition).

For information and registration, please contact Vincent/Lee Teng/Ronnie from the Department of Consultancy and Commercialisation (DCC). Tel: 03-79582628, extension 8255 (Ronnie) or extension 7127 (Vincent/Lee Teng).

Further enquiries please mail to

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