Tuesday, February 14, 2012

RA and PhD Candidates at Monash University Sunway

Monash University (Malaysia) - School of Information Technology is looking for Research Assistants and/or PhD potential candidates who are interested in this area:

Strong skills in C/C++ and/or Java with interests in Image Processing and Computer Vision. Bonus if experienced with OpenCV and image processing/computer vision algorithms, otherwise is a hardworking quick learner.

We are interested in using signal processing, image processing and computer vision to perform various video and auditory analysis of animal species especially in tracking and automated species identification using body markings, morphology, locomotion and auditory characteristics. Currently we are interested in giant clams, fishes, bats, butterflies and manta rays.

These are useful in biodiversity, animal conservation and environment protection efforts and form part of the emerging biodiversity informatics field.

For potential M.Phil/PhD candidates full scholarships are available (limited). Please sent your CV to me at loke.kar.seng@monash.edu for consideration.

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