Friday, July 20, 2012

Scientific Malaysian

Scientific Malaysian ( was set up in July 2011 as a platform to establish a global network of Malaysian scientific researchers to foster discourse as well as collaboration, regardless of affiliation and discipline, be they the pure sciences (biologists, chemists, physicists, etc) or applied sciences (engineers, biomedical scientists, etc). Researchers and administrators from the scientific research industries are also invited to participate and contribute ideas and viewpoints from the industrial perspective. The missions of Scientific Malaysian are as follow:
  • To provide a platform for the Malaysian scientific community across the world to discuss general scientific and research issues; 
  • To represent the voice of the Malaysian scientific community across the world; 
  • To provide valuable collective ideas in hopes of improving scientific research and development in Malaysia; 
  • To promote research collaborations or knowledge-sharing within the scientific community (both local and overseas Malaysian researchers) and/or with industries; and 
  • To inspire and provide guidance for early stage Malaysian researchers. 
Scientific Malaysian aims to achieve the above missions through several approaches:
  • An online portal that facilitates ongoing discussion on scientific research; 
  • A magazine ( that provides coverage of the latest research and development ventures undertaken by Malaysian scientific researchers; and 
  • Talks by Malaysian scientists/engineers at academic and research institutions around the world.
Scientific Malaysian is currently fully administered by volunteers. Interested participants can contact the administrators at

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