Thursday, October 11, 2012

CCIS Talk: HTML5 is more than the Mark-up Language by Junichi Kishigami

Dear All,

Prof. Jay will deliver a talk on HTML5 technology titled: "HTML5 is more than the Mark-up Language" on the following date/time/venue:

Date: 29 Oct 2012
Time: 1pm - 2pm
Venue: SE106, DK3,  FES, UTAR KL campus, Kuala Lumpur.
Speaker: Prof Junichi Kishigami
Title: HTML5 is more than the Mark-up Language
HTML5 has a lot of the functions and attractive APIs to realize almost any program on it like the OS, such as IOS, Android, or windows. This talk will show you some of the features using HTML5  presentation software. By leaning the HTML5 from the new fundamental tag to multimedia framework,  you can understand the high potential and easiness.
Dr. Junichi (Jay) Kishigami obtained the degree of Bachelor and Master in Physics at the Hokkaido University in Japan 1980 and obtained his Doctor degree in electronic engineering at the Hokkaido University 1989.

He has unique and wide-ranged experiences in NTT from the solid state physics of the magnetic thin film to the multimedia services.

From 1994 to 1999 he worked with NTT America as a vice president and general manager at IP HQs in the area of creating and promoting the Internet business both in US and in Japan. He coordinated ISP and Backbone between US and Japan. The ISP, called "Netdepon" was the first ISP for NTT overseas, and undersea cable between US and Japan was also the first cable for NTT.

Before June, 1994, he had been researching magnetic disk storage design. Upon graduation in 1980, he joined NTT as researcher, where he studies the solid state physics of thin film head, a key technology in the development of high capacity magnetic storage devices. In 1989, he was responsible for the design and development of an electronic filing system for Video-on-Demand.

With the years his center of activities changed from the fundamental study to business-oriented development. After back to Japan in 1999, he had led two main projects of RFID and Broadband related activities. He had been creating and promoting the concept of "metadata" for the RFID and broadband services. He was Secretary General at cIDf (Content ID Forum), which was founded by him and Professor Yasuda, University of Tokyo.  He had been a member of GBDe (Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce) as Sherpa who directly supports board member of NTT. In 2007, he was assigned as Executive Director of Cyber Solution Laboratory, Vice President, NTT holding company. He was also MOT Visiting Professor at Rikkyo University. He had been invited a lot of seminar and society. He was one of the columnists at Nikkei IT Forum.

His most influenced area recently is IPTV development. His activities on IPTV were not only internal but external, such as standardization, government committee and lots of collaboration with CE manufacturer and broadcaster. After he had been leading the IPTV service and technology development, he was directing the RFID, human-interface, data mining and web technologies as an executive director at the NTT Labs. E-commerce marketing based on data mining technology, personalized remote-controller with self-learning function of the owner's behavior, and HTML 5 based web technology were the examples of his idea and developed area.

He has been a number of chair and member at Government committee which includes RFID regulation, IPR issue, Broadband Content Distribution, Web Archive project, and IPTV.

He is a member of IEICE Japan and IPSJ Japan, and Distinguished Speaker of IEEE, committee at ARIB, INSTAC and TV Anytime Forum. He got the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication Award in 2011.

He has also a lot of academic experiences as a part-time professor at Hokkaido University, Muroran Institute of Technology and Kochi University of Technology. At the Rikkyo University, He had been teaching at its business school. He has been a Professor at University of Tokyo for five years. He joined UTAR in 2012 as a professor at the faculty of engineering and science. He has published more than 100 papers and presentations, and 80 patents.

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